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Introducing Jingalu Craig's art to the IA Store

Posted by Belinda Donovan on

We are proud to welcome the work of award-winning artist Jingalu Melissa Craig to the IA store. Indigenous affairs editor Natalie Cromb introduces this outstanding First Nations talent.

Jingalu Craig, with her daughter and one or her artworks

Independent Australia is honoured to showcase the moving work of Bunjulung, Gumbaynggirr and Yeagle woman Jingalu Craig. Jingalu is inspired by water and coastal scenes from her heritage and culture.

Ms Craig has been engaged in art practice and education since the mid-1990s. She was selected as a finalist in the 2010 Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize. Jingalu was also the first recipient of the NSW Ministry for the Indigenous Arts Award Fellowship and 2000 Design, Hand Painted Awards. 

Jingalu has conducted a lectures series on Indigenous Art in the USA and has produced a number of commissions in that country and in Australia. More recently, she has been featured in the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Book.

Her art provides a window into her culture and childhood as she grew into the artist she now is. Her pieces are vibrantly coloured, and deeply spiritual and meaningful.

"I paint stories from my life experiences, from the Dreamtime in my area, from my family's experiences and from the overall history of Aboriginal Australia," says Jingalu.

Jingalu Craig's brilliant and distinctive original artworks are now available for purchase in the IA Store.

 'Diving for pearls' 

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

 'Fun swimming' 

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

 'Goanna sunset'

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

'Going home' 

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

 'Spirit sister night' 

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

 'Spirit women' 

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

'Whale migration' 

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

Hand-painted silk scarves

Click HERE to view in the IA Store

See MORE in the Jingalu Craig collection on the IA store HERE.

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