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CD - 42/68 by Rocky and The Two Bob Millionaires

CD - 42/68 by Rocky and The Two Bob Millionaires

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Song writing, if you are lucky, may present you with fleeting moments of crystal clear joy. And I mean lucky. If a good tune drops from the tips of your fingers onto your instrument, and you think to yourself, ‘Well fancy that.’ And if you do fancy that, you’ll want more and more of it, regardless of the financial or personal cost to you.

42/68 by ‘Rocky and The Two Bob Millionaires’ hopefully has a moment or two, free from intellect, thought or craft.

The 10 tunes vary in style from each other. Definitely not one mood fits all. The songs were composed on guitar, and all the sounds you’ll hear were created by the musicians and their instruments. No synths, loops, samples etc. Not that there is anything wrong with those tricks of the trade, but I am ‘Old School.’


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