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A Ferret Named Phil - Children's book written by William Reimer (FREE POSTAGE*)

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William Reimer is a 22 year old writer from Glenelg, South Australia.

A Ferret Named Phil is the story of a small ferret who overcomes a big bully without resorting to violence, told completely in rhyme.

Phil is the happiest of ferrets as he sits by the lake with Jane, until the mean Hugo the hawk ruins their picnic! Instead of feeling intimidated, Phil comes up with a cunning way to show the bully that he isn’t afraid to stand up to him.

For children between the ages of 3-8.

A Ferret Named Phil is inspiring and empowering children across the country, opening up discussion of bullying through a meaningful, heartfelt story – And I’m absolutely certain it will have the same positive effect on your children.

Hardback edition, 24 pages in length.

If you know a child who is being bullied, this the perfect gift.

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