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Original Indigenous Artwork by Jingalu Craig

Jingalu has been engaged in art practice and education since the mid 1990s. She was selected as a finalist in the 2010 Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize, has conducted a lectures series on Indigenous Art in the USA, has produced a number of commissions in the USA and Australia and more recently has been featured in Saltwater Freshwater Arts Book.

Jingalu traces her Aboriginal heritage to the Bunjulung, Gumbaynggirr and Yeagle tribes in New South Wales. Jingalu is inspired by water and coastal scenes from her heritage and culture.

As an urban artist, some of Jingalu's work appears to be a departure from the traditional abstract design and idioms of Aboriginal art, in that this contains a flattened Western compositional plane. However, the simplification of the design and space has been derived from working and reworking traditional figurative depictions of animals, figures floating in psychedelic spaces and flattened landscapes embossed with trails of intricate designs.

Jingalu was the first recipient of the NSW Ministry for the Indigenous Arts Award Fellowship and 2000 Design, Hand Painted Awards and a finalist in the 2010 Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize. The exhibition is currently touring regional NSW.

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